Physical Therapy/Personal Training:
One Session: $95
10 Visits: $855 (10% off)
15 Visits: $1,211 ( 15% off)
Dry Needling/Soft Tissue Work
One Session: $50
10 Visits: $450 (10% off)
15 Visits: $637.50 (15% off) 
Veterans and Active Duty receive 10% off of all services.

Why We Are Cash Pay

Beyond Movement operates under a cash pay physical therapy model, also known as self-pay. This approach allows us to prioritize patient autonomy, cost transparency, and individualized care without having to deal with the limitations established by insurance companies. No surprise bills.

Direct Access

North Carolina is a "direct access" state. Direct access allows patients to seek physical therapy services without needing a referral or prescription from a physician or other healthcare provider.
Benefits of Direct Access:
  • Faster treatment: You schedule an appointment right away instead of waiting for approval.
  • Cost savings: You can avoid the cost of unnecessary visits and potentially expensive imaging.
  • Better health outcomes: You can skip unnecessary prescriptions and imaging, and physical therapy can be a safer alternative to opioids.
  • Autonomy: You can make your own decisions about your care and focus on recovery.

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